About Me

Dr. Niu is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Bowling Green State University. Before joining BGSU, he was a Postdoc research fellow at School of Biomedical Informatics UTHealth, under the supervision of Dr. Cui Tao. Before that, He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, under the supervision of Dr. Houbing Song.


Fall 2021
CS 2010: Programming Fundamentals.

Spring 2022
CS 2010: Programming Fundamentals.
CS 6500: Big Data Analytics.


Address: 241 Hayes Hall, Bowling Green, Ohio, US, 43403
Phone: 419-372-3469
Email: sniu@bgsu.edu
Office Hours (Fall 2021): MW 1:30pm - 3:00pm, other times by appointment.


Dr. Niu's research area of interests include Machine Learning, Transfer Learning (Deep Transfer Learning), and Biomedical Informatics. More specifically, he is interested in exploring distant-domain transfer, cross-modality-transfer, graph neural works, and biomedical application with ML. Deep learning is great but it is facing significant difficulties, including but not limited to, insufficient data, incompatible computational power, and dynamic input structure. Below is a short list of open challenges:

1. Transfer Learning-enabled Graph Neural Networks
2. HIV Prediction/Prevention with Graph Neural Networks
3. Large-Scale Electronic Health Record (EHR) Mining
4. Anomaly Detection for Imbalance Medical Data Mining


Featured Articles:
A decade Survey of Transfer Learning (2010 - 2020).
Feature-based Distant Domain Transfer Learning.
Spatial-Temporal Graph Data Mining for IoT-enabled Air Mobility Prediction.
Zero-Bias Deep Learning for Accurate Identification of Internet-of-Things (IoT) Devices.

Full Publication List: My GoogleScholar.

The Team

Faculty Members:
Shuteng Niu, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Bowling Green State University

PhD: multiple openings for PhD in Data Science with full financial support.
Visiting: multiple openings for visiting PhD students and visiting scholars.

Potential External Openings:
UTHealth: Dr. Cui Tao is currently looking for Postdoc Research Fellows and PrePhD students. The SBMI at UThealth is the largest biomedical informatics center in the world. Please contact Dr. Cui Tao if you are interested.

My Little Hobbies

He started training as a competitive badminton player at early age and retired after college. He participated in many state and national tournaments in US and received quite a few medals. As for now, he still keeps it as his favorite sport.

He found his passion in climbing (mainly bouldering for now) since 2021. He plans to go outdoor to feel the touch of real rocks and breath the fresh air.